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Foster's Premium Ale. Foster's Group Limited, Southbank Australia.
Produced by Oil Can Breweries Fort Worth, Texas under the supervision of Foster's Group Limited.

Where is Oil Can Breweries located at in Fort Worth Texas? Well, you aren't going to find Oil Can Breweries in Google maps or in a search result.
Well okay, that's a lie. You came here because you, like me, wanted to know where in the heck Oil Can Breweries was. Especially if you live or have ever lived in Fort Worth, Texas like I did. I searched and searched and couldn't find it until I found out that Miller Brewing is the ones who indeed are the ones who make Foster's here in America. I can only surmise that the place is hidden in the shadows due to marketing reasons. After all, while they don't come out and say this is a genuine Australian beer they damn sure don't let you know it isn't either. Face it. Us Americans have a romantic ideology about Australia, much like how the world has one about Texas. Well, at least the majority of us do and especially those of us who are Texans or those who have lived there. Don't believe me? Go visit Europe and I promise, someone will ask you if you own a horse if they find out you are from Texas. We've got a lot in common with our brothers and sisters down under.

Anyway yes, Oil Can Breweries is owned by SAB Miller and Miller Brewing is who makes Fosters. Oil Can Breweries is really Miller Brewing. Miller Brewing is located off of 35W (click for Google map) next door to Mrs. Baird's Bakery. If you've ever driven by here when they are baking bread and brewing beer at the same time the smell can be really interesting. Personally, I never found the smell offensive like some of the other locals have.

Side note:
If you pull up the Google map from the link above and look across the street to the northeast you'll see Ball Metal Beverage Packaging. Ever wondered where that “Ball” writing came from on a can of Miller? Now you know.

So technically its not really an imported beer from Australia but it's recipe is from there.
5.5% ABV on the can. Can is an “oil can” Pours a honey/caramel brown, 3 finger high head that lasted. Decent lacing around the glass. Faint malt nose, bread flavor, a bit of yeast flavor and hoppy bitter.

    Pour, 5 glasses.
    Head, 5 glasses.
    Aroma, 5 glasses.
    Taste, 5 glasses.
    History, 5 glasses.